BERGEN BRM-8 Details

We have 4 pcs Bergen BRM-8 engines are available. Each engine 353 kw @ 750 rpm 4800 hp

We are able to dismantle the engines to sell as a spare parts such as Cyl Head, Piston, Liner, Conrod, Engine Block, Crankshaft, Turbocharger, etc....

Engine partsvare suitable for the all following Bergen BRM & BRG Engine types

Rolls Royce Bergen B Engines : BRM-6, BRM-8, BRM-9, BVM-12 and BRG-6, BRG-8, BRG-9, BVG-12



Ask BURAK MARINE ® for quotations when you need marine diesel engines or major spare parts for Rolls Royce BERGEN BRG-8 and BERGEN BRM-8 Diesel Engines and Generators